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You can book an appointment for treatment at our new spa in Congleton

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Book Bury

Book an appointment at our Bury spa.

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30 Minute Massage

If you're short of time or just want to try, this is ideal for those in a rush.

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1 Hour Massage

Relax and unwind with a full 1 Hour Traditional Thai massage, to loosen muscles and manipulate joints, leaving you feeling loose and refreshed.

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1 Hour Hammer Massage

Not as bad as it sounds, let us work your sen lines with rhythmic tapping on traditional tools to relieve muscle, tendon and nerve pain. Ideal for treatment for symptomatic pain caused by sciatica.

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Try Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage has developed over hundreds of years and is proven to be effective treatment for chronic symptomatic pain caused by a range of injuries and illnesses.

Everyone is unique, we will evaluate the best treatment for your condition, whether you need stress relief, joint manipulation or stretching.

All of our staff are qualified and time served in the art of Traditional Thai Massage and provide a professional service.


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